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161 piece Heatshrink assortment kit Plus blow torch

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Electus TH-1620
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This handy assortment contains 160 heat shrink tubes in 7 different colours and sizes, plus 1 gas powered heat gun with Piezo ignition.

All supplied in a transparent lightweight box that measures 242(L) x 175(W) x 30(H)mm.

The supplied heat gun  can be used in flame or flame less output and is the perfect companion for professional heat shrinking and can be filled by a disposable butane can (not  Supplied)

Heat shrink is most commonly used to insulate and protect electrical connections and wires but can also be used for colour coding tools and stopping rope ends from fraying

  • Features & Specs
  • Heatshrink Size and Colour
Size                       Colour
15mm x 500mm     Black 
1.5mm x 100mm    Green 10pcs, red 10pcs, yellow 10pcs, blue 10pcs, white 10pcs,  transparent 10pcs
2.5mm x 100mm    Green 6pcs, red 6pcs, yellow 6pcs, blue 6pcs, white 5pcs, transparent 6pcs
3.5mm x 100mm    Green 4pcs, red 4pcs, yellow 4pcs, blue 4pcs, white 4pcs, transparent 5pcs
5mm x 100mm       Green 3pcs, red 4pcs, yellow 3pcs, blue 3pcs, white 3pcs, transparent 4pcs
6mm x 100mm       Green 1pcs, red 2pcs, yellow 2pcs, blue 2pcs, white 1pcs, transparent 2pcs
10mm x 100mm     Green 1pcs, red 2pcs, yellow 2pcs, blue 2pcs, white 1pcs, transparent 2pcs



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