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  • 37pc  Automatic Number and Letter stamping set

    37pc Automatic Number and Letter stamping set

     37PC NUMBER AND LETTER STAMPING SET    An ideal addition to the workshop this kit contains both numbers and letter in the one blow moulded storage case. This unique design set features an Automatic punch ensuring that you get constant...

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  • 3pcs

    3pc Welders pencils Silver streak Made in the USA

    3pc x WELDERS PENCILS  Made in the USA These quality American made pencils are ideal for layout work and allow you to make clear precise markings that are easy to see when welding. These quality pencils feature a unique metallic...

  • 4pc Micrometer set metric

    4pc Micrometer set metric

     4pc METRIC MICROMETER SET    Ideal for any machinist, tradesman, engineer and metal workers workshop this kit contains 4 x metric micrometers all packed in the one handy wooden storage case.  APPLICATION: Used for the precise...

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  • 4pc Thread Gauge set TOLEDO professional

       4PC THREAD GAUGE SET   These TOLEDO thread gauges are professional grade and  ideal tool for the serious tradesman's tool kit or workshop Made from aluminium so as not to damage the thread these handy tools are designed to check...

  • Angle Finder guage

    Angle Finder guage

       ANGLE FINDER GAUGE     A handy addition to any trade persons tool kit these angle finder gauges allow you to instantly measure angles from 0 through to 90 degrees in any quadrant. Made from high impact plastic the gauges are...

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            KING TONY         TORQUE ANGLE GUAGE   KING TONY have manufactured professional quality tools for the true professional for over 30years and thier torque wrenches are a...

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  • Carpenters Pencils 12pc pack

    Carpenters Pencils 12pc pack

       CARPENTERS PENCILS      Pack of 12 You can never find a pencil when you need it!, so we have solved your problem by packing ours in bundles of 12 that way you will always find a pencil when you need one. These packs...

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    Carpenters square Our carpenters squares are ideal for builders, roofers, tradies or even in your workshop. large size 600 x 400mm with easy to read black numerals on yellow they are great for frames< rafters, bearers, layout work and panel work...

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  • Combination Square  Eclipse Made in the U.K

    Combination Square Eclipse Made in the U.K

       Since 1909 COMBINATION SQUARE 300mm Made in the U.K by Eclipse tools these high quality squares feature a cast alloy body and a hardened Stainless steel rule. Measures 300mm and has clearly marked Metric and Imperial...

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