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POWERGRIP! the ultimate Glue Buy one get one free this week only

$29.95 $24.95
(You save $5.00)

POWERGRIP! the ultimate Glue Buy one get one free this week only

$29.95 $24.95
(You save $5.00)
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The POWERGRIP Plus dual adhesive system is a must in the Home , the workshop and the Garage

Think how much money you can save by repairing items rather than having to replace them and its not only better for your wallet but its better for the environment as well.

So many times we throw things away because they get cracked, damaged or broken but with POWERGRIP you can now repair those items in just seconds.

Engineered and produced using the the latest development in adhesive technology this ultra strength adhesive combines with its own Welding powder to create super strong bonds in just seconds

Capable of repairing almost anything in just seconds this adhesive and welding powder combo will save you time , effort and money every time you repair something

POWERGRIPS special adhesive formula is over 98% pure meaning its incredibly strong, but what makes it unique is that it comes supplied with our specially formulated filling/reinforcing powder.

When the powder is combined with the adhesive it sets rock solid in just seconds, allowing you to reinforce or rebuild broken parts in just seconds and when it cures end result is a adhesive weld that is so strong that and  you can then file, sand, grind, drill, screw, paint it and even tap a thread into it


Most adhesive based products available today take up to 24 hours for a full cure, but POWERGIPS  unique formula means that you can make a repair and get outstanding strength in just seconds.

No more holding your repair together for long periods of time while you wait for it to cure, with POWERGRIP Plus you will be done in no time

Unlike many other 2 part component adhesives, there is no special mixing or ratios to follow so it is impossible to get the mixture wrong which makes POWERGRIP  so easy to use you will wonder what you ever did without it.


  • POWERGRIP will repair the following materials:
  • Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Iron plus other metals
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • rubber
  • Ceramics
  • Stone, Marble, Granite


  • Use POWERGRIP to repair
  • Phones, phone cases and accessories
  • Computer Components and Office Equipment
  • Toys, Model Cars, Planes and more
  • Tools
  • Household Appliances.
  • Car Parts, Clips, Lenses, Rubber trims, broken and damages knobs as well as Other Automotive Repairs
  • Rubber rings and parts
  • Jewelry, beads and more

To  Repair a crack or break

Use the Adhesive on its own by applying a very small amount to the are to bond and simply press together, remember use the glue sparingly a small drop is all that is usually required.

To reinforce a crack or break or to add extra strength to an area

Simply pour the powder over the cracked area. Once the crack is filled apply a small drop of the adhesive so the powder is  coated and watch as the powder sets in just  seconds to make a truly strong instant repair.

If the crack goes all the way through or you want to fill a hole

Simply place some tape over the back to stop the powder falling through and fill as stated above.

  • POWERGRIP Plus comes supplied with an anti curing pin.

       Use the pin to puncture the adhesive bottle, and to also reseal it when your done, preventing the adhesive from curing in the bottle.


Please refrain from cutting the adhesive nozzle with a knife or scissors, as doing so will allow the adhesive to leak into the cap leaving the bottle unusable the next time also makes you use more adhesive than you need which is a waste and as general repairs only require a very small amount of the adhesive there is no advantage in using too much

POWERGRIP Plus also comes supplied with a precision tube, this tube  can be pushed onto the adhesive bottle nozzle allowing you to get into the very small or confined spaces with ease.

Remember If the adhesive left in precision pipe cures over time creating a blockage then with scissors simply cut a  tiny bit off the end of the pipe to use again.


 Pack Contains

1x 10ml Ultra Strength Adhesive
1 x 10ml clear Filling Powder
1 x Application Nozzle
1 x Anti Curing Pin


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