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UNIMIG Razor 250 Compact Mig/Tig/Stick Welder U11010K

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Get superior MIG, TIG & STICK performance even in the toughest conditions with the professional machine in a compact case.

  • Quick and easy setup with synergic MIG programs
  • Spool gun and Push-Pull gun compatible for the best aluminium welds
  • 4 geared wire drive system for the ultimate wire feeding experience
  • A 5-year warranty to reflect our confidence in this machine

HD Backlit Interface

This next generation interface panel is bright and easy to read in any environment.

Synergic MIG Control

Getting set up for a weld has never been faster with our preset synergic programs. Simply select your wire type, wire size, gas type and material thickness, and the machine does the rest. It’ll pick the optimal settings for your weld

Multi-Process Welding

Get the job done quickly and efficiently with our versatile three-in-one welding machine. With the ability to perform MIG, TIG, and STICK welding all in one unit, you can save valuable time and effort without sacrificing quality

Digital Control MIG Torch

Our digital MIG torch allows you to adjust your settings on the fly. No more hassle of constantly adjusting your settings on a separate control panel. With our leading technology, you can easily fine-tune the amps, current and voltage at the touch of a torch button.

Spool Gun Ready

Make welding aluminium even easier. No need to change your existing setup. The spool gun lets you quickly switch over and get any job done with no downtime.

Gas & Gasless MIG

Capable of running both gas-shielded and gasless MIG wire, you can to tackle a wide variety of welding projects with ease. Whether you’re working with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or flux-cored wire, our machine has got you covered.

Geared Wire Drive

The most consistent and smoothest wire-feeding experience there is. With a four geared wire drive unit, there’s more power pushing the wire, improving the wire feeding, especially in longer torches

Trigger Controlled DC Lift Arc TIG

The Trigger Controlled DC Lift Arc ignition allows the arc to be started easily in DC TIG by simply touching the tungsten to the workpiece and lifting it up to start the arc. This stops the tungsten tip sticking to the workpiece and breaking the tip from the tungsten electrode.

Advance MMA Features

This machine features Anti-Stick technology, as well as adjustable Arc Force and Hot Start functionality. These features are designed for improving weld quality and ease of use.

Smart Fan

Smart Fan diminishes noise, saves power, helps reduce energy costs, and minimises the number of contaminants being pulled through the machine.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Get the most out of your machine. The PFC maximises the electrical efficiency of the machine and automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuations, so you get more output power and the internal components last longer.

Push-Pull Gun Ready

Achieve smooth and steady wire feeding, especially when using softer wires such as aluminium. With a ‘Pull’ motor built into the torch, the wire can be fed over a greater distance, granting you the freedom to move and manoeuvre with ease while MIG welding.